How to Generate Loan Leads

The widespread development of digital technology has changed the nature of marketing. Today a professional network marketer should be very familiar with how online traffic works in order to compete against larger companies and keep a positive cash flow. One of the most important components of successful web marketing is filtering through the potential list of customers and targeting the website with the most qualified leads.

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addthis – remove hashtag from url without javascript configuration


When we share any article to social sites like (google, facebook). Addthis adds the hash tag to URL. But sometimes we do not want to track some articles only. Addthis config configuration will apply to all the buttons which are using in site. If you want to remove hashtag from URL for specific buttons you can do that. I will explain that to you. Many people are pisted of this issue. Finally I got the solution.


Redirect to custom page after wordpress user registration

In many wordpress sites we are using the user registration. Many times client want the custom landing page after user registration. There are many wordpress plugins which gives you the redirection facility after login or wordpress user registration.


Cakephp installation and blog tutorial step by step

CakePHP is one of the best PHP MVC framework which is purely inspired by Ruby on Rails. I worked on ROR for many years. So I know CakePHP has very similar ROR standards. Here In this article I will show you about CakePHP installation on linux box in very detailed information. I created the very basic blog application using CakePHP and It is free for download.


how to make drupal seo friendly with drush commands

Drupal became more powerful and popular now. I will show you with in just 5 minute you can create the drupal site ful SEO friendly. You just need to use the some drush commands for this. That commands will take care of all the things. Following drush commands will install all the required drupal modules and enable it drupal application. Following command will install SEO related modules in drupal. #drush pm-enable seotools -y Following command will install the site verify module. #drush pm-enable site_verify -y Following command will install the google analytics module. #drush pm-enable google_analytics -y #drush pm-enable recaptcha […]